Kirill Gusev


Financier, entrepreneur, investor and speaker.
More than 10 years of trading experience in the international stock market.
Certificates for conducting brokerage and dealer activities, trust management of securities and investment Fund management activities, including non-state pension funds.
Former Vice-President of the investment company Troika Dialog.

Anthony Abunassar


Anthony has built his experience in many famous companies, such as PWC, and then Rotschild & Co, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, before world kriptoloji and investment in ICO. His pedigree in Finance is unparalleled.

Dmitry Kassikhin

Asset valuation

since 2004, he has been managing an appraisal company. Capital-valuation . Experience in the field of evaluation more than 15 years. Website: specialization: "property Valuation" , "valuation of the enterprise (business)", "Training of experts on financial and economic forensic examinations and extrajudicial research". Currently, he is an expert and a member of the expert Council of NP SRO "Business Union of appraisers", a member of NP "Council for appraisal activities of the Perm region".